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Additional Information: Grasshopper/Mormon Cricket Management and Control


Identification and Management Tools

USDA Agricultural Resource Service Grasshopper Web Site

Grasshopper Handbook - Common Wyoming Pests

Grasshopper Identification and Management (Poster)

Mormon Cricket Biology and Management (Poster)


Reports, Publications & Maps

2017 Grasshopper/Mormon Cricket Letter

2016 Grasshopper/Mormon Cricket Program Summary

Idaho 2016 Grasshopper Survey

Idaho 2016 Mormon Cricket Survey

Reduced Agent and Area Treatments-ATV-RAAT Strategy Brochure (pdf) 

Reduced Agent and Area Treatments-Aerial-RAAT Startegy Brochure (pdf) 



2012 GH/MC Suppression Summary

2013 GH/MC Suppression Summary

2014 GH/MC Suppression Summary

2015 GH/MC Suppression Summary


USDA APHIS Enivronmental Documents

SEEKING PUBLIC INPUT ON PROPOSED ACTION: 2018 USDA Idaho Grasshopper and Mormon Cricket Suppression Program

2017 Grasshopper and Mormon cricket USDA APHIS FONSI Southern Idaho (pdf)

2017 Grasshopper and Mormon Cricket Suppression Program Environmental Assessment Available for Review and Comment

2017 USDA APHIS EA Grasshopper and Mormon cricket Suppression Program for Southern Idaho (pdf)

USDA APHIS Rangeland Grasshopper and Mormon Cricket Suppression Program - Final EIS Statement 2002


Insecticide labels

Dimilin 2L Insecticide Label (pdf)

Dimilin 2L Safety Data Sheet (pdf)

Drexel 5% Carbaryl Bait Insecticide Label (pdf)

Drexel 5% Carbaryl Bait Safety Data Sheet (pdf)


Banner: (differential grasshoppers) David Cappaert, Michigan State University,  Photos: (mormon cricket) Dan Safford, ISDA / (spur-throated grasshopper) Karan A. Rawlins, University of Georgia, / (highway sign) Dan Safford, ISDA.