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Idaho Association of Weed Control Superintendents

Cooperative WEed management Areas (CWMA)

A CWMA is a distinguishable hydrologic, vegetative, or geographic zone based upon geography, weed infestations, climatic or human-use patterns.  A CWMA may be composed of a portion of a county, a county, portions of several counties, or portions of more than one state. CWMAs are formed when the landowners and land managers of a given area come together and agree to work cooperatively to control weeds.

The Idaho State Department of Agriculture is responsible for the administration of the State Noxious Weed Law. The State Weed Coordinator and the other program staff provide support, training, and organizational assistance to the counties and CWMAs throughout the state.  Idaho has over 30 CWMAs covering 87 percent of the state. These CWMA's participate in the ISDA cost-share program, which assist the local agencies in the fight against noxious weeds.  For a CWMA to participate in the ISDA Cost Share Program, an Annual Operating Plan (AOP) and Integrated Weed Management Plan (IWMP) must be developed and submitted. Not all CWMAs participate in the ISDA Cost Share Program. County Weed Superintendents are often heavily involved in CWMAs and local activities.

For more information on CWMAs in your area, please contact your appropriate County Weed Control Superintendent.

Banner Credit: Jason Parker, Twin Falls County Weed Control / Photo Credit: Adams County CWMA.