Idaho Invasive Species Hotline [toll-free]:

Early Detection is the Key

It is important to stop new outbreaks before they start. You can protect Idaho from invasive species by taking action. By the time an invader is readily noticeable and begins to cause damage, it is often too late, resulting in an expensive removal of the established invader. If we detect new outbreaks early and act quickly to control them, we can avoid many of the environmental and economic losses caused by invasive species.  <Click Here> to learn more about our early detection monitoring program

Take Action

Have you seen something suspicious in your backyard or neighborhood? Are you having trouble identifying something you’ve found?  Report potential invasive species by calling the Idaho Invasive Species Hotline at 1-877-336-8676.

Your submission will provide vital early detection information to the experts working to stop the next invasion before it starts. This number is toll-free. You may also call this number if you have a question about a particular invasive pest.

No matter the activity, you Can help prevent the introduction and spread of invasive species!